The Organiser

Founded in 1973 as a registered non-profit and non-government-funded organisation, Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association (HKYHA) is one of the 80 national associations affiliated with Hostelling International (HI), the worldwide umbrella organisation that provides members with information covering over 3,600 youth hostels and other travel benefits. HKYHA operates 7 youth hostels across Hong Kong and currently has a membership of more than 17,000 individuals and groups.

To provide safe, simple, and affordable hostelling services to young people and travellers from all over the world. Our hostels also serve as educational platforms that allow travellers to broaden their horizons, to learn about different cultures, and to be in touch with nature and heritage conservation.
  • Travel does not only mean fun and entertainment, but also means breaking through limits and exploring the world.
  • Travel is not exclusive for the rich. Everyone can enjoy the satisfaction which travel brings about.
Provide safe and simple accommodation for travel lovers and young people of limited means.
Backpacking or self-guided tours have become a new mode of travel for the young generation. Youth hostels are thus an integral part of Hong Kong's tourism industry today.